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Okay I just want everybody to know I'm well aware no one has money but if you can get your hands on some of these things it will improve on some problems.
ok if you know Dental problems are starting to cause pain.
Use 3pills of 200mg over the counter ibuprofen tablets every 4 hours for dental pain. Its the best pill of Dentist choice
Get some Hydrogen Peroxide, 
after brushing swish 1/4 cup in your mouth spit hold for a minute and spit and rinse.
To me this helps enormously with pain and inflammation and also whitens teeth.Do this everyday until pain is gone

If you can pick your tooth paste sensodine tooth paste pink and white box is very good for nerve pain in the mouth and helps after time decrease nerve pain from dental decay .

Listerine is the best mouth wash you can get for dental problems don't waste money on anything else without a bacterial agent in it for gingivitis.

Garlic pills and vitamin C help tremendously taken on a daily basis 2 capsules twice a day can keep

cavity or bacterial problems from occurring get these in a vitamin store or grocery or drug store in the herbal remedies section. You can purchase vitamin C at your Dollar tree store cheaply use a dose of 2,000 milligrams on the start of use

they say that a herbal method of teeth pulling will either get rid of dental problems or help them done on a daily basis.
You take tablespoon of olive oil or canola oil or cocoanut oil swish back and forth between teeth for 10- 15 minutes a day. Then spit out and brush the teeth with toothpaste. The drawback is some people can't tolerate oil in the mouth so it's very hard to do.

If you have pain make a wet compress on gauze, and place in mouth of these spices or herbs, to reduce pain, cinnamon , cloves, garlic,canine pepper or charcoal which I find in tablets or crush from charcoal pills. It's black it does stain but works.
Cider vinegar with charcoal or just vinegar sometimes works I put it in the fridge in a jar with several gauze pads which i switch through out the day on the painful area it helps with bacteria

They say fresh Garlic can stop pain but too much in the mouth at once seems to burn my gums so a small crushed amount on the tooth will help or add it too the cider vinegar compress let it ferment in the jar with the vinegar.

They say aspirin helps sitting right in the cavity for pain.

Doctors always say rinse with teaspoon salt and 1/4 cupwater but after a few days this makes my mouth raw. I rather use the hydrogen Peroxide method.

Absolutely don't smoke. Every person i know with bad gums smoked or chewed tobacco at least once in there life. It is a killer of smiles in every sense

If you are starting to get Gum disease or Dental Decay and can't afford work now or in the future and want to save those teeth you have left, take whatever money you can get your hands on and invest in the water pick. It brought my dental disease to a halt when I had no choice but to look else-wear for help when the funds started drying up after numerous root canals which I never could afford which they said I had to have which after 10 years those teeth decayed and had to be pulled anyway. I had no idea that root canals don't last forever and neither did my bank account from them.They still can get deep decay break ect. and need constant renewal. Someone told me there's research being done that root canals cause cancer because of the metals used in them and people are having them removed now after years of having them and are actually recovering from cancer. From now on I just get my teeth pulled and yes one day have dentures but I will be Cancer free and not so broke as some dental treatments leave you. So the water pick is my best suggestion but you have to use it with every brushing to get between teeth and even though I'm not the biggest flosser the dentist is not lying about how much that helps keep you on the right track.
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